Ghadir El Alayli

Ghadir is an attorney-at-law registered at the Beirut Bar Association, a university teacher of political science at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, and a legal consultant and researcher for associations and international organizations. He previously advised UN organizations and Lebanese Parliamentary Committees working on administrative decentralization and municipal law reform. As a senior legal consultant and public administration expert for Siren, he provides input (on Lebanon and as per international law and best practices) about various issues e.g. vulnerable groups; statelessness; public procurement and monitoring agencies; electoral register; judicial processes automation; local authorities’ platforms for assessment, coordination and tracking; policing; protesters’ rights; security forces’ accountability; military justice; prisons and detention reform; and emergency crisis response.

Ghadir has many publications and addressed several interdisciplinary seminars and courses on human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Arab world and in Muslim societies, as well as on rule of law, justice, comparative law and international public law. For instance, he wrote a book on The extent of Lebanese women’s right to grant the Lebanese nationality to their children; and he co-authored a book on Feminist Advocacy, Family Law and Violence against Women: International Perspectives, as well as a Legal Analysis of Transboundary Waters in the Upper Jordan River Basin. Ghadir holds a Ph.D. in public law from Saint Joseph University in Beirut.