Title Project Security Officer
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Location Beirut
Job Description

Project Overview

Siren is a not for profit organization working on security sector reform and broader public sector reform. Siren bases its projects on root cause analysis and implements solutions in light of findings and recommendations. Those projects often involve public sector administration process mapping, analysis, optimization and automation as well as related training and documentation. www.sirenassociates.com

Job purpose

The Project Security Officer is Responsible for operational security and safety management to ensure a work environment where staff, visitors and assets are safe and well protected in accordance with Siren duty of care obligations and standards. Act as the point of contact for the project on matters of security and safety and be available on call 24 hours, seven days a week to respond to emergencies affecting the project.


Risk and threat assessment

  • Conduct regular and robust risk assessment
  • Monitoring and constant review of  the security situation in Lebanon and the region with specific regard as to how it relates or may have an impact on the safety of programme staff and STEs.
  • Liaison with the Post Security Manager at the British Embassy to ensure up to date information on security advice.
  • Consult and coordinate with the programme management and project managers to identify operational security needs and to inform risk and treat assessments.
  • Establish and maintain an operations security risk register

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Development and maintenance of country/project specific SOP’s in line with Siren’s Security Policy and Standards and ensure that all personnel are knowledgeable of them.
  • Establish security risk management plans and procedures for all locations where the programme will operate, with specific regard to Tripoli.
  • Maintenance of a Duty Officer system
  • Maintenance of Personnel Next of Kin and Proof of life details ensuring that they are available to the Duty Officer and Programme Manager 24/7

Information and reporting

  • Inform and advise the programme management with regard to security-related matters and promptly report any significant security issue to the programme management.
  • Regular briefings and compliance checks for all staff and sub-contractors
  • Conduct training sessions on use of security/safety equipment.
  • Maintenance of a WhatsApp security group with real time security information

ICT and cyber security

  • Coordinate with the IT manager on development of guidelines and procedures for ICT and cyber security.

 Infrastructure, logistics and movement

  • Ensure that vehicles used by the project’s personnel are well maintained and fulfil satisfactory security and safety standards.
  • Maintenance of a vehicle (and where necessary personnel) centralised tracking system using “Trackimo” trackers which Siren currently uses in Lebanon
  • Ensure proper functioning pf security related communication system and equipment.
  • Ensure that all personnel are equipped with mobile phones
  • Ensure office security as per Sirens Security Policy and Standards and approving suitability of and security at hotels and privately rented accommodation
  • Maintenance of a locstat for all staff and sub-contractors with effective booking in and out procedures

Critical incident response

  • Develop response, recovery and contingency plans for critical incidents.
  • Develop procedures and arrangements for incidents requiring medical evacuation.
  • Develop procedures for the event of Kidnapping or suspected abduction.
  • Respond to and manage any incidents or emergencies influencing on the safety and security of the project’s personnel or assets in consultation with the programme management.

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