Nasri Messarra

Nasri is a digital marketing consultant and a senior communications expert. He is an Assistant Professor in digital marketing strategies, branding, and social media analysis, and the director of the Master’s Program in Information and Communication at the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut. He is also a lecturer in Digital Marketing at the American University of Beirut for e-MBA students at the Olayan School of Business.

His Ph.D. dissertation (2015) unveils the different ingredients of viral marketing and focuses on initial seeding populations through several real-life experiments. His research was presented as lectures in universities and conferences including the Marketing Science Conference (John Hopkins University), Georgetown University and Paris-Dauphine University among others.

Since the early 2000’s, Nasri has worked as a consultant for many NGOs (EU, UNDP, LCPS, LTA…), government organizations (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture…), companies (DHL-Global Forwarding, JobDiva NY…) and political actors (Kulluna-Irada, National Bloc…).