Karin has worked as a consultant for twenty years advising and supporting governments and donor organisations to plan and manage complex programs on good governance, security sector reform and community safety strategies. She has professional experience from work in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe: Many challenged by a post-conflict security situation. Her main area of work is to support organisations in strategic planning processes applying methods that generate wide stakeholder buy-in and commitment. She uses participatory approaches to assist stakeholders to formulate shared objectives, develop action plans, and design systems for monitoring and evaluation. Karin has an exceptional experience as trainer and facilitator after having planned and conducted more than 200 workshops and seminars on strategic planning, project planning and result based management. She has performed work for a wide range of institutions including the UN, EU, OSCE and DCAF-ISSAT. She has worked with civil society actors as well as security sector institutions in many countries in the MENA region: Lebanon, Jordan, The Palestinian Territories, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Karin has also implemented programmes to strengthen government accountability and parliamentary oversight in southern Africa and the Balkans.

International management consultant to governments and donor organisations with over 20 years experience in the field