Support to the Human Rights Division: from Inception to Strategic Communication

Siren helped drive the introduction of a human rights ethos within the Internal Security Force (ISF) in Lebanon. Siren assisted in the establishment of the ISF Human Rights Division and partnered with UNOHCHR to develop the ISF Code of Conduct, both firsts for Middle Eastern policing organizations.

Since then, Siren has continued to support human rights mainstreaming within the organization, building training capabilities and strengthening internal oversight and monitoring mechanisms. Due to this support, the Human Rights Division now produces monthly and annual human rights reports covering key human rights issues, including detention overcrowding, women and juvenile detainee rights, and torture.

In 2018, Siren further supported the Human Rights Division to elaborate and implement a communications strategy. By including experts and human rights activists in the process, the aim of the project was to increase the visibility, outreach, and communications capabilities of the Division in order to improve the ISF’s human rights performance and image.