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As Lebanon battles a multidimensional crisis that’s both crippling and self-made, world leaders and Lebanese citizens alike are calling for reforms to reverse the country’s collapse. In looking for solutions, they may find inspiration in the Chehabi era of Lebanon’s history – a period of administrative reform and innovation now being revived by a group of young Lebanese.

Working in partnership with Central Inspection on the Governance, Oversight and Accountability in Lebanon (GOAL) project, this group from Siren Associates has achieved early successes in transforming the state audit process, and in bringing normally antagonistic stakeholders together to work in the common interest.

The lessons learned over the past 21 months can be replicated, adapted or scaled-up to free the public administration from the elite capture partially behind the current malaise. “Bullseye: a case study from Beirut on driving governance reform in times of uncertainty” sets out some of the lessons learned on this UK government-funded project, and also notes the shortcomings and future goals of this group of Lebanese youth.