Lebanese Internal Security Forces

Strategic Plan ( 2018-2022 )

Siren has, under the British Policing Support Project, helped the senior command of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) face the challenge of strategic planning. Siren’s approach is holistic, deploying expertise in change management, research, strategic planning and analysis through training, mentorship, infrastructure, institutional restructuring, policy development and advocacy. The result of this integrated approach is the ISF Strategic Plan (2018-2022), endorsed by the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, ISF Director General, and senior police command.

The implementation of the plan, founded on evidence-based research and analysis, will enable the ISF to become more responsive to community safety needs. It will also enhance accountability in the ISF, through its objective 3, “Protect Human Rights and Enhance Accountability” and increase overall effectiveness through its objective 4, “Improve Professionalism and Organisational Efficiency and Effectiveness”. Siren has also worked with the ISF to establish a commitment to advancing the role of women in policing, which is now enshrined in the ISF Strategic Plan.

The Arabic version of the ISF Strategic Plan is available on this link.

The English version of the ISF Strategic Plan is available on this link.