M&E Officer

Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut, Lebanon

Job Description


  • Develop a project-based accountability and feedback strategy and implementation plans.
  • Set up and manage functioning accountability processes and tools. This could include collection of feedback and complaints through field visits, management of a beneficiary hotline.
  • Establish community accountability database in line with Siren’s Community Accountability Policy to record feedback and complaints.
  • Produce regular reports for Project Managers to ensure feedback and complaints are responded to in a timely manner, providing recommendations and guidance.
  • Establish  a  database  of  community  influencers  in  each  potential  or  actual  location  of  project implementation, maintaining and managing relations, and keeping them abreast of project achievements and challenges as necessary.
  • Support agile M&E, research and project implementation: ‘sense checking’ field decisions, facilitating the feedback loop of information (M&E data, research, field observations, etc) from community, civil and public stakeholders, and integration into project decision-making
  • Advise on and facilitate community participation in project design, monitoring, evaluation and research activities.
  • Support and / or lead data collection teams in the field for ongoing for M&E and research activities. This could include identifying research participants, organising data collection schedules, organising logistics, ensuring.
  • Support regular monitoring and evaluation of project activities, filing records (hard and soft copies) of the data.
  • Analyse data and course correcting project activities as necessary.
  • Assist project implementation personnel in using M&E tools and findings.
  • Monitor and advise on the sustainability of the activity results.
  • Conducting desktop research into emerging issues.

Person Specification

Competencies and Qualifications:

  • 3+ years’ experience in a similar role, with strong experience ‘translating’ diverse community voices into project recommendations
  • Degree in social sciences, or related field
  • Strong experience working with diverse community groups
  • Demonstrable experience collecting high quality field data through focus group discussions, key informant interviews, etc
  • Strong community relationship building skills
  • Strong eye for detail
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills
  • Familiar with digitalised data collection tools such as Kobo Toolbox
  • Able to communicate with a range of different audiences (including government officials, local community groups, external consultants of different nationalities) competently and confidently orally and in writing, both in English and Arabic.
You are invited to apply if you believe you are qualified.
Due to the high number of applicants only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.