Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut, Lebanon

Job Description

About the Role

Siren operates in a dynamic environment and according to agile project management principles. The candidate should not expect a structured environment. Instead, the candidate will need to apply key principles of monitoring and evaluation in a fast-paced, flexible, and responsive manner. The role is ideal for someone who is able to manage, and thrive in, ambiguity. The role offers ample opportunities for innovation and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, and candidates are expected to bring their own ideas to the table for how to achieve the program’s stated outcomes. A  background in social media monitoring and analysis, communications, and/or peacebuilding is strongly preferred to apply for this role. Ultimately, however, we will prioritise the ability to learn quickly and sharp critical thinking capabilities over past sectoral experience. Individuals seeking a challenging yet intellectually rich experience are encouraged to apply.

Recruitment is ongoing. A selected candidate who thrives in the role can expect to remain in post for project duration (24 months).


  • Develop and maintain a detailed monitoring and evaluation framework and plan for the project, managing relevant data collection and reporting activities as per the project cycle
  • Work with project teams to design, implement and validate appropriate analytics tools against identified performance measurement/monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Create effective data collection systems that ensure timely inputs from all partners and delivery teams, including digital monitoring and online activity measurement
  • Analyse data and use this analysis to create compelling evidence-based and actionable data stories to share with stakeholders to drive decisions
  • Liaise with delivery teams to support them with relevant data needs to ensure on-going evidence-based delivery
  • Work with our technology team and other delivery teams to inform the iterative improvement in design of outputs/products produced within the project
  • Update the project results framework as necessary
  • Maintain a diverse array of stakeholder relationships to ensure a tight feedback loop between delivery and evaluation
  • Help to distil lessons learnt to inform organisational learning and future programming design

Person Specification


  • Demonstrable commitment and alignment with Siren values, namely: Creativity, Commitment, Integrity & Courage, Perseverance, Taking Responsibility, and Valuing Diversity & Difference
  • 5+ years’ experience in M&E, digital performance analysis, or other equivalent roles
  • M&E experience in communications, digital media analysis, or equivalent
  • Experience measuring the performance outcomes of digital technologies, products, services, etc.
  • Ability to effectively interpret and translate data to communicate key findings to relevant stakeholders
  • Strong understanding of M&E/performance management systems and tools, and experience developing and implementing a project M&E plan
  • Strong understanding of, and experience working within, the project management cycle, as well as understanding of accountability processes
  • Excellent attention to detail and quality of final deliverable
  • Dynamic team member, able to create strong working relationships
  • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and perform well under-pressure
  • Understanding of the political economy in Lebanon and the MENA region
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Excellent command of written and spoken Arabic
  • University degree in social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, computer science etc. (Equivalent professional experience also considered).


  • Master’s degree in relevant subject
  • Experience managing/delivering projects in collaboration with Lebanese public stakeholders