Title Senior Quantitative Research Analyst
Location Beirut
Job Description

Siren is seeking a senior quantitative research analyst to join the Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (RMEL) team’s review board of thematic experts who lend targeted support and high-level quality control and oversight to activity. The quantitative analyst would provide targeted methodological support on the design of a large-scale survey (including validation of questionnaire, design of sampling framework, choice of data collection approach), and high-level quality assurance and oversight of data cleaning and analysis.
The Senior analyst will be expected to do the following – or similar – tasks:
Design an approach, sample framework and resulting data collection methodology for a large-scale survey in Lebanon;
Review and validate a survey questionnaire to be administered;
Support RMEL colleagues who will deliver enumerator training with high-level advice and recommendations to ensure broad understanding of questionnaire nuance;
Provide high-level monitoring of live data collection and quality, advising team on how to manage any identified early inconsistencies;
Clean data and provide primary quantitative analysis through statistical packages;
Support production of reports and recommendations based on findings and/or suggest further lines of enquiry through qualitative research;
Any other reasonable tasks related to quantitative of qualitative data collection or analysis that are requested by the RMEL Manager.

Person Specification

•10 + years’ demonstrated survey expertise including survey scripting experiences and experience of key statistics programmes (e.g. SPSS or STATA)
•Advanced degree, or relevant demonstrable professional experience
•Previous experience working on quantitative research activities in Lebanon.
•Extensive and up to date knowledge of Lebanese context
•Bilingual spoken and written Arabic and English.
•Significant experience training and leading large data collection teams conducting surveys (and other data collection) on sensitive issues, such as SGBV or other protection concerns
•Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
•Rigorous academic and/or professional understanding and experience of quantitative methodologies
•Able to apply different quantitative research techniques, from the collection of primary data (survey design and implementation) to the management and analysis of large datasets on Excel and SPSS
•Ability to carry out independently sophisticated quantitative analysis

End Date 2020-01-15
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