In a world characterised by volatile and, some would argue, unpredictable change, how can we plan for the future and lay the foundations for people to realise their full potential?

With the COVID-19 pandemic sharpening inequalities worldwide and working to erode trust in public institutions, Siren has responded to this challenge by supporting our partners to become more transparent, inclusive in decision-making and responsive to people’s needs – whether in exploring new avenues to address online gender based violence in Jordan, or leveraging the power of digital innovation to help Lebanon navigate through the disastrous confluence of current crises.

In 2020/21, as always, we placed a particular emphasis on working toward broad-based participatory governance. Promoting the development of meaningful partnerships between the state, civil society and different social groups was equally a priority in our work building safer communities and more accountable policymaking processes.

In this report, we are pleased to share some of our achievements over the past financial year, and perhaps more interestingly, the insights and lessons we’ve learned along the way. We’re eager to spark discussion about these findings and the topics we deal with, and to seek out additional partners and staff who share our values and commitment to making a difference. Please do get in touch if you feel that’s you.