Visual briefing: the cybercrime landscape in Jordan

A research infographic to inform action on addressing online blackmail, harassment and bullying. 

March 2022

To counteract cybercrime and help victims get the support they need, protection actors must have an accurate understanding of the scope of the issue and the landscape in which it takes place.

Our research has shown that different groups of people have specific vulnerabilities to online harassment, bullying and blackmail, and that the resources and support networks they have to address these forms of interpersonal cybercrime vary considerably.

Women and girls, for instance, are most concerned about their online safety, particularly around sharing videos or photos of themselves, and they are often reluctant to report “honour” crimes, including those committed online.

A holistic approach to tackling cybercrime must be built around these particularities. Download our infographic for a primer on where to start.

visual briefing on cybercrime-01