• Working in Partnership with State Institutions And Civil Society

  • Improving Security Sector Effectiveness and Accountability

  • Committed to Making a Difference

Our Organisation

We help develop safe and secure societies where there is equal access to justice and freedom from fear. Specialising in civil policing transformation and broader public sector reform, we empower and build the capabilities of organisations to become more responsive to the needs of communities. We support our clients through the process of strategic change, combining an Organisation Development approach with advanced technology and customised solutions.



Our Approach

Committed to making a difference, we believe that the development of capabilities cannot be done for organisations - it must be done by and in effective partnership with them. As a result, our approach is collaborative, client-centered and holistic. We employ rigorous problem analysis and innovative interventions that are gender and conflict sensitive to drive sustainable change. Working in post-conflict and fragile states, we recognise the value of being flexible, adaptable and responsive to our clients’ changing needs. Our multidisciplinary teams are diverse and highly skilled. We empower, develop and motivate our staff in recognition that it is our people that set us apart.

Our Team

Jonathan McIvor

Chair, CEO

International policing consultant with over 30 years operational policing and military experience at a senior level

Marc Maouad

Director, Operations

Senior Adviser on public sector reform and development projects with over 15 years experience in Europe and Lebanon

Karin Delin

Director, Organisational Development

International management consultant to governments and donor organisations with over 20 years experience in the field

Carole Alsharabati

Director, Research

Public sector reform consultant and professor of political science at Saint Joseph University

Stephen Boddy

Senior Associate, Community Safety

International policing consultant and trainer with particular expertise in community policing

Pat McKee

Senior Associate, Public Safety

Former police officer with over 30 years experience, public safety expert and international policing adviser

Antoine Samaha

Software Solution Architect

Software engineer working on open source framework and digital solutions for security sector

Theodore Caponis

Research Lead

Communications practitioner and researcher with experience in content analysis, opinion mining and data analytics