• Working in Partnership with State Institutions And Civil Society

  • Improving Security Sector Effectiveness and Accountability

  • Committed to Making a Difference

Our Organisation

At Siren we are committed to making a difference. We specialise in civil policing transformation and broader security sector reform throughout the Middle East, as well as in selected countries in Africa and Europe. Our approach is collaborative. It is based on building proactive relationships with local clients and beneficiaries in communities and state institutions. Siren is a UK (Northern Ireland) registered not for profit organisation based in the Middle East.


Our Approach

We believe that involving and empowering communities and wider civil society is crucial to effective security sector transformation. Development of capabilities cannot be done for organisations - it must be done by and in effective partnership with them. In our projects we assist local partners in the design of innovative and practical approaches to the challenges of creating safe and secure environments in post-conflict and fragile states. We focus on rigorous problem analysis, carefully planned and targeted interventions, and effective monitoring and evaluation.

Our Team


Jonathan McIvor

Chair, CEO

International policing consultant with over 30 years operational policing and military experience at a senior level


Marc Maouad

Director, Operations

Senior Adviser on public sector reform and development projects with over 15 years experience in Europe and Lebanon


Karin Delin

Director, Organisational Development

International management consultant to governments and donor organisations with over 20 years experience in the field


Carole Alsharabati

Director, Research

Consultant on security reform and director of political science at Saint Joseph University