Carole Alsharabati

Director, Research


Carole provides consulting on public sector reform related to governance, oversight, human rights, and security. She is currently working with the Central Inspection in Lebanon on risk assessment, audit planning, audit methodology, and digital transformation. Her experience in the Police Support Project in Lebanon, has covered surveys on police trust, process automation, crime analysis, recruitment and training, and community engagement.

Carole is a Professor at the Political Science Institute at Saint Joseph University in Beirut and the Arab Master in Democracy and Human Rights. In 2014, She participated in the creation and launching of an anti-Corruption whistle blowing NGO (Sakker El Dekkene). She is a founding partner of CME Offshore sal, a software outsourcing company with 200 employees in Lebanon and over 350 worldwide.

Carole has co-authored a publication on “Power Transitions: Strategies for the 21st Century” published in English, Arabic and Chinese and participated to a patent related to artificial intelligence and agent-based modelling. She holds a PH.D. in Political Science from the Claremont Graduate University.