‘Shoulder to shoulder:’ Jordan refugee and vulnerable host community project 

Project profile 


To protect refugees and host communities from possible violence and abuse, and expand basic service delivery to both communities, the Shoulder to Shoulder project supports Jordan’s Public Security Directorate (PSD) in the roll-out of community policing in north and south Amman. It does so through the provision of training and mentoring to community police, new spaces for the community police to meet with local residents, and support in the planning and implementation of local safety initiatives held collaboratively with community members.  


While Jordan remains relatively stable given the conflicts and challenges faced by neighbouring countries in the region, research has demonstrated that vulnerability continues to be an issue, particularly in areas where there is limited engagement between communities and public service actors, including the police. The PSD, supported by Siren, successfully piloted community policing in both refugee camps and host communities. However, its broader ability to communicate and engage effectively with marginalised and potentially vulnerable groups remains limited. 

Building on Siren’s previous support to the PSD, the project will address this issue within a comprehensive ‘Community Safety Model’ targeting the national, regional, local and individual level. A primary focus will be placed on integrating the PSD with other service providers to provide more holistic responses to community safety issues. The intervention will also target refugee and host community members directly, through the selection, training, and mentoring of volunteer ‘Conscious Youth’ from within these groups.  Conscious Youth participants (both Jordanian and Syrianwill then be given the opportunity to work with the local PSD and other service providers in the identification, design and implementation of community safety initiatives. Taken together, the initiatives will contribute to expanded and improved integrated service delivery, improved social cohesion and improved protection for communities against violence and abuse. 

  • Refugees and vulnerable host communities are better protected against violence and abuse 
  • Expanded and improved integrated basic service delivery that includes both refugees and host communities 
  • PSD Community Safety Hub: refurbishment of hub premises; development of a website for the PSD to increase the scope and quality of outreach to the community; training and mentoring a core group of community police trainers, leading to enhanced capacity of the Hub to document, analyse and disseminate best practice and lessons learn about community policing. 
  • Community meeting spaces: refurbishment of multipurpose halls in north and south Amman to act as spaces for community police and security council members to engage with community members; mentoring of Community Police trainers to deliver training to their collages and to security councils   
  • Community safety initiatives: provision of technical assistance to community police and security councils to facilitate community engagement in local initiatives; support to the PSD in the implementation of the such initiatives  


Public Security Directorate 

April 2019 – March 2021 

Stephen Boddy, Project Director