At Siren, we believe in innovative solutions that integrate subject-matter expertise with technology. Siren created Fenix, a one-stop-shop software that captures police workflows and a broad range of police operations, including investigations, patrols, intelligence, complaints, and inspections.

Fenix supports multiple languages, including Arabic. It allows to record incidents, investigation and crime data, track custody data, manage patrol missions and reports, log traffic violations, gather community intelligence, plan missions and operations, manage police station visitors, handle complaints and hotlines, plan inspections, and analyze data. It is flexible and accommodates different organizational structures. Its permission-based access connects commanders, investigators, patrols, analysts, auditors, and other stakeholders, helping them stay integrated and organized. Its configurable lookups allow to customize fields and its workflow is completely flexible and adaptable. Fenix is an on-premise web-based software with a responsive interface connecting desktops with mobile devices and has a communication module to send configurable reports to selected users.

An engaging approach and great value to the client

Fenix doesn’t just capture police workflow, it is also a change management tool. While implementing the Pilot Police Station in Ras Beirut (a joint CSSF project with NI-CO), the Siren team realized that, in order to support smooth reform and to build sustainability into the project, a very flexible and easily expandable software was needed. No tool was found on the market that responds to the needs of the project, which led to the development of this unique platform associated with a holistic methodological approach. Fenix accommodates advanced workflows and analytics, but also manages change in police operations, and integrates with parts of the institution that are still relying on pencil and paper processes. Moreover, Fenix has a simple development framework for quick production of forms and workflows, allowing the Siren team to train and involve its client in the adaptation and expansion of the software, and ensuring a high level of ownership and sustainability. Through Fenix, the Siren team helps its client map new processes, implement them, assess them, and refine them.

Continuous Research and Development

While the Siren team is keen on transferring knowhow to the client, it also keeps on improving the framework and technology used in Fenix, staying at the edge of innovation. The Fenix R&D team has recently built a prototype adapting Blockchain technology and a distributed ledger approach to the software, ensuring interoperability, transparency, confidentiality, and security. This project is pioneer in the field. It will bring the use of technological tools in security sector reform to the next level, enhancing governance, effectiveness, professionalism, and citizen trust.