Integrity Initiative:

Sakker El Dekkene NGO

Siren has supported civil society to engage with the Lebanese state around controversial issues such as state corruption. In 2014, Siren was CSSF-funded to research issues around corruption and the consequent lack of trust in the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and other government institutions. As part of the research, Siren held an extended workshop attended by local and international specialists and civil society representatives in anti-corruption. This led to the formation of the local anti-corruption NGO Sakker el Dekkene (‘Close the Cornershop’, in reference to the ‘cornershop state’, where everything is ‘for sale’).

Siren then provided project management design and delivery and organisational support to Sakker el Dekkene. Five years later, Sakker el Dekkene continues to provide an online platform for Lebanese people to report cases of corruption, large and small, which are reported in real time to create a ‘leaderboard’ of state agencies by degree of corruptness.